Cultural Competency Training

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York Travellers Trust delivers Cultural Competency Training to a wide range of organisations and individuals: A vital component to the training is the ability to hear an authentic voice with lived experience.

Our Training is delivered in a “Facilitated Safe Space Conversation”, ideally with a small group of between 10-30 peers. During the training we explore the history, heritage and diversity of the Gypsy and Traveller Communities (GTC). We then allow for the participants to form the training to suit their needs.

The overarching aim for YTT is that participants are able to carry out their interactions with GTC in a more meaningful and culturally appropriate way and enhances your service delivery and equalities practice.

Learning outcomes

  1. Increased knowledge of culture, traditions and history of the GTC;
  2. A better understanding of diversity within the GTC;
  3. Identified obstacles to access and attitudinal issues or barriers in education, health, employment, accommodation, safeguarding and other public services, that inhibit the delivery of quality provision to GTC;
  4. Improved understanding of how to engage effectively with the GTC and what can be done to ensure inclusion in the delivery of services