About the Trust

York Travellers Trust

York Travellers Trust (YTT) is the longest running registered charity within the UK that works solely with Gypsy and Traveller Communities (GTC).

Our work is concentrated in York and surrounding areas. Our charitable objectives say we want ‘to relieve the poverty and advance the education of the GTC and to preserve and protect the health of such persons’. But our aims are broader than that. We want to empower GTC to become active members of the community by:
• Alleviating GTC social exclusion from mainstream society and promoting diversity.
• Encouraging and empowering GTC to make better use of society’s opportunities.
• Striving to advance education and promote health, social and economic welfare.
• Dispelling negative images of GTC culture and challenge direct and indirect discrimination.
• Supporting GTC in challenging prejudice, harassment and social exclusion.
• Creating a more harmonious relationship between GTC and the settled community by educating both communities in understanding and acceptance.
• Encouraging a collaborative multi-agency approach to enable GTC to access relevant services.
• Encouraging and supporting GTC in articulating their concerns at regional and national forums.
• Empowering GTC to challenge unacceptable and inadequate service provision when appropriate.

As such the core work of our organisation can be divided into four areas:
1. Our education and training services offers specially tailored and accredited courses in literacy, numeracy, health, parenting, household management, positive communication, computer literacy and employment related skills.
2. We offer advice in benefits, housing, money/debt, and drug /alcohol abuse. We also give practical help in letter writing, CV writing, job applications and form filling.
3. We work with other agencies – the police, housing departments, Planning Department, education, Social Services, the PCT and others – to advocate for the needs of the GTC.
4. We help GTC to promote an understanding of their unique culture and so bridge the gap between them and the settled community.

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YTT is a Living Wage Employer

YTT is happy to announce that we have been accepted as a Living Wage Employer. We are proud to receive this award recognizing YTT as a socially responsible employer, playing a part in improving quality of life for employees.