Moving For Change

We’re proud to be a partner of #MovingForChange – a new organisation which launches today. We’re even more excited to share that it has been awarded £2m by @TNLCommunityFund for ‘Roadside Futures’.

Roadside Futures will provide opportunities for members of nomadic communities in the UK to develop and lead innovative projects which, informed by their own lived experience, have potential to improve the lives of Gypsies and Travellers across the UK.

We would like to say a huge thank you to @TNLCommunityFund and to everyone who has given their time, input and support to enable this to happen.

Want to get involved? If you are an individual or member of an organisation that works to improve the quality of life for nomadic Gypsies and Travellers and the communities in which they live across the UK, please come and join our network:

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