Small Changes at York Travellers Trust

As we welcome Violet Cannon to the Trust there will be some small changes to the project.

During recent conversations amongst staff members we have talked over a few idea’s which are listed below. We would also very much welcome your idea’s and feedback.

  • A move around in the office to accommodate a children’s play corner with a seating area where the parents can sit and engage with the staff whilst keeping an eye on the kids. the children’s play area will include a blackboard/chalks (and some not so noisy toys)
  • We were also wondering how many people would like to see a new healthy eating club where you will get the chance to sample foods and recipes and also a weigh in (for those who want to participate) we could also share some healthy lifestyle tips and an exercise class.

Watch this space for more ideas and changes and don’t forget to contribute to it.

You can contact us at the following email addresses:-

Chief Officer Violet Cannon:-

Admin Debi White:

Support Workers: Kay Tate, Kally Smith, Denise Lambert:-

Debi White




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