Courses run at Y.T.T.

At Y.T.T. we offer many opportunities to adult learners. On a Tuesday we have three courses running one with child care at Clifton Family Centre, Clifton Green Primary School, one with no child care at Y.T.T. 20 Falsgrave Crescent and one at St Lawrances School. They run term time, 10 – 12, every Tuesday, St Lawrances is full at the moment and it runs 1pm – 3pm, please drop in for more information. Strengthening Families Sstrengthening Communities ‘parenting’ runs from the Family Centre every Thursday, 10.30 – 1.30, with child care.

We will be offering the opportunity for further day courses such as; First Aid, Health and Safety, Food Hygiene and Basic I.T. to commence early 2013, again please call in any time for more information.


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