Traveller Solidarity Network

On Saturday we  went to a meeting with Christine, Denice, Sallyanne, Lesley, me (Lizzie), Janie-anne my daughter, Emily Jane (Denice’s daughter) and Eilis. It was about Travellers. The people what was doing the meeting was on Dale Farm before the eviction and they say they was made welcome by all the Travellers on it. They tried to stop the eviction but they could not. The police and the bailiffs was not very nice to the Travellers or the people what was helping them. They told us about the man who threaten the Travellers with a gun and nothing was done to him. But there was a boy what had a stone and he got took to court. I think that was all wrong, it is like there is a law for them and one for us. How they tret the people on that ground was all wrong, they tret them like dogs not people. It cost £22 million.

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